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I’m a filmmaker, “YouTuber”, Content Creator, and horror enthusiast. I’m currently based in Austin, TX.


My passion for horror started in my teenage years when I watched the movie From Hell with Johnny Depp. As this passion grew, I would take my dad’s vhs camcorder to film in cemeteries at night. I also got involved with my high school video club and discovered that I enjoy making videos.  


In college, I established Phantom6Productions as a corporate videography company in 2010. After years of doing video production, I took the plunge into filmmaking in 2015. I later pivoted to focus on horror films and horror cartoons. In 2018, I rebranded Phantom6Productions into a horror film and cartoon production company.  


As I grew as a videographer and filmmaker, I realized I also had a yearn to teach. I like to help people figure things out and learn new things. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve done eLearning and Instructional Design full time since graduating.  


After much consideration, I decided what I finally wanted to do. I fused my passions with my desire to create horror films and cartoons to teach how to make them. This includes everything from lighting and cinematography to editing and visual effects. Also, as I get better with making cartoons, this will include drawing and animation.


Watch my tutorials and more as a content creator on my YouTube channel and updates on this website.


Dawn of the Dude season 1 poster
Dawn of the Dude: Dorito Rising
Director of Photography

The apocalypse started. Netflix is down. Toiler paper is in short supply. The world is in pure chaos. One man must survive quarantine....or life as he knows it shall come to an end. Check out the web series with Fairy Godmother Ninja Productions.

Rachel's Wish.jpg
Rachel's Wish
Director of Photography/Editor

A twelve-year-old girl wishes her mom was around more and makes a wish before having a dream that she's a twenty-five-year-old workaholic. Click the poster to view on IMDb. Check out the film on YouTube!

Camp Grenada Film Poster_final.jpg
Camp Grenada
Editor (Won Best Editor Award)

A doctor wants to help his patients..but what if the patients aren't what they seem. Click the poster to view on IMDB. Check out this project on YouTube


A man faces his inner demons after waking up in a mansion he can not escape from. Click the poster to view on IMDb.

Camera Operator

After 73 years apart, two vampires explore their complicated relationship thru flashbacks. Click the poster to view on IMDb. Check out the trailer by RLM Productions.

The Bech

Nicknamed "The Bech," a university apartment complex houses a wide range of characters with varying opinions and ways of life in Austin, Texas. Click the poster to view on IMDb. Check out the teaser on the show's YouTube!

The Will
Drone Op/AC/Editor

A mother is informed that her son is diagnosed with a terminally ill and hereditary medical condition. She is faced with a hard decision that only a mother could do. Click the poster to view on IMDb. Check out on YouTube by Edgen Films.

The Hollows
2nd Director of Photography
& Editor

A group of friends in Texas hold a reunion for a friend who is back from the military by going on a camping trip. Little do they know the woods are damned from occult rituals that took place in 1969. Click the poster to view on IMDb. Check out the film!

Blood on the Deck

Blood on the Deck follows three teams of American Heroes as they enter the world of competitive sportsfishing. Click the poster to view on IMDb. Check out the trailer on YouTube! The season 1 is now on Amazon Prime.

Director of Photography/Editor

Androids want to become human and are invited to a dinner party. However, things don't go exactly as planned. Click the poster to view on IMDb.

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